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This site is authored and published by volunteers from the construction industry as volunteers.

This site exists now because a group of colleagues, many having worked together for many years, decided that we hold knowledge how to achieve success as a practicing Consulting Engineer, without having to learn the hard way, by making the same mistakes as we have.

This site is not intended as a technical resource but will develop into the place to go to find knowledge about approaches, methodology and solutions to some of the tricky problems in, what has become, a tough industry.

Our main aim is to put the brakes on the race to the bottom, and support our colleagues in float to the top.

You can contact us at: contact@consultengsurvivor.com>

We are actively looking for content, authors or comments and content idea. Don't hesitate to make contact.

This site is edited by Paul Lengthorn

Paul is a high impact Chartered Engineer, expert in delivering a wide range of Buildings and Infrastructure projects in >10 countries.

He has successfully led project teams and businesses from start-up to maturity. Having delivered projects in the UK, China, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Mongolia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, and Germany, gained the analytical insight to solve problems and create robust strategies to ensure results.

He is a member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), having completed the IAM Diploma.

Having worked for many years for major consulting firms he is now an independent practicing Consulting Engineer

Some examples of Paul's previous activity:

“What Can Be Done to Improve Hong Kong’s Walkability?”, for Environment & Energy Committeeor British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong, 2019

“In the run-up to Hong Kong 2030+ we must embrace DfMA”, Mott MacDonald, 2019

Walkability in Hong Kong, public engagement, minutes of the 21st Meeting of Transport Affairs Committee of Sham Shui Po District Council, 2019

Appreciation expressed in “Essays on High-speed Rail Development: Regional Disparities and Impacts on Airport Performance”, Dr Shuli Liu, Assistant Professor at Beijing Jiaotong University, School of Economics and Management, 2019

Hong Kong Construction Industry Council contributor to “Potential Utilisation of Prefabrication Yards and Prefabricated Components in Hong Kong - Feasibility Report”, 2018

“Welcome to 2018, the year of the dog, and of mandated BIM. What the government’s Technical Circular 7/2017, making BIM mandatory, means for clients, consultants, contractors and their partners”, lead author and editor, 2018

“Hong Kong: How to tap its £400bn pipeline”, interview Construction News, 2018

Visiting the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Mott MacDonald, 2018

“Britain in Hong Kong”, February 2018

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